Our Brands

Gear for paddlers.

Whitewater, Crossover, Recreation & Touring Kayaks.

Premium quality sit-in, and sit-on-top kayaks.

Premiere award winning designs in recreational, touring and fishing kayaks.

Building open canoes through innovative thought, design and materials.

Manufactures white water kayaks, period.

Adventure Technology delivers premium whitewater, touring and fishing kayak paddles known for excellence in ergonomic design & detailed craftsmanship.

Manufactures paddling gear for canoes and kayaks.

Lightweight, quick-drying, super absorbent and highly packable technical towels.

Protective gear to stand up to water, wind, and dirt in challenging outdoor environments.

Cutting-edge backcountry-gear engineering: stoves, tents, snowshoes, poles, cookware, water filters, and purifiers.

Industry leader with products ranging from mattresses and sleeping bags, to cots, pillows, hammocks and seating.

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